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My name is John. I have been a salesman almost all of my life. But for the first time, I really enjoy what I am selling. For most salespeople, the thrill is in the close, and for me, it’s no different. What is different is the fact that nearly every business is a potential client.

I was an insurance agent for several years before “stumbling” upon Encore Payment Systems. I also have another business that I operated which did not accept credit cards. After losing about $8000.00 worth of business last year, I began to look into it. And, as the economy was slowing, one of the last things that many people wanted to do was to spend more money on insurance. So as I looked for a company to process my credit card business, I found that Encore also offered an opportunity to expand my income. And as I soon found out, substantially expand it.

After completing my training, I hit the streets. I had a couple of appointments that didn’t turn out to be sales. I have several friends who own businesses in the area and called them to see if I could talk to them about their credit card processing. The next day, one of those friends eagerly switched from their current processor, and upgraded their system. He went with the new machine because we could offer gift card processing. His current processor did not, nor would his terminal be able to handle it.

The sales process was fairly simple. Get the statement, fill out the Processor Comparison form with the client, fax it all in to my team leader, wait a few minutes for the info and Encore’s offer, then write it up. Simple, right? A large component of this simplicity is due to the team leader. He knew exactly what I was looking at (but I didn’t completely understand) and many times, pointed out to me, and the client that they were paying much higher rates than we offer, as well as other fees that they had always seen, but didn’t know what they were.

I learned fairly quickly that the methods that Encore employs can get to be monotonous and even frustrating at times. Many people, who like myself, think they can cut steps out and get it done better and faster without doing these things, learn the hard way. Filling out the PC form, faxing everything, blah, blah, blah. I learned even more quickly that these steps are necessary, even crucial to the success of the sales force. And why? Because they work. It gives the client a much better understanding of what they already have. Many clients don’t understand exactly what they are paying. It’s not all their fault. No one has ever taken the time to explain things to them. It also gives you, as the representative, information on what it going on in the industry, and how you can help their business. It is a tool that used properly, will increase your sales, and your income. If you follow it, you will close deals.

In about 4 months of being in the field with Encore, I have written almost 60 accounts, and made a great living along the way.

But not every day is easy. Sometimes it’s not even fun. There are days when my frustration levels are very high. But, you can’t have all good, and no bad. If it were that way, you wouldn’t know what the good was. What I have realized about being an IBA with Encore is that no matter how frustrating today is, tomorrow is another opportunity. This business is challenging. It’s not difficult, but it is rewarding. One of the biggest hurdles for salespeople is prospecting. Encore makes that a much smaller obstacle with the pre-set appointments. You don’t have to go out and cold call if you don’t want to. But, when I go to a “pre-set”, I am in the area of several other businesses, and I make the call on those. Sometimes I come up with great prospects by doing that. All it takes is one of those to end up as a sale, and you could put extra money in your pocket.

I consider my decision to become an Independent Business Analyst with Encore to be one of the best I ever made. I see it as a“Recession Proof” sales job. When most sales people are complaining about not selling, I am prospering. In fact, when things are the toughest for area merchants, I look like a hero because I have shown them how to save their hard earned money by just changing the number that their credit card terminal dials to process their sales, or by simply asking their customers to enter a 4 digit pin. And who doesn’t want to save money by doing something so simple?.


John ~ Encore Payment Systems

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