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Ok, my success story,

Top Hat Cleaners. To begin with, my Team Leader was pivitol. When I first went in and spoke with the merchant he stated that he wasnt interested. I was caught off guard. I felt a little intimidated since this was only my 2nd day in the field. You spoke to him and discovered that he was concerned about the contract he was in. After you told him we could take care of that he was open to seeing me.

I decided to do what I knew to do to get a sale. People buy products from people they like. I took my time, got to know the customer, made a friend and built trust. I learned about his background, where he was from and in that found out that we had lived in the same town at one point. I had found common ground. After that he relaxed, told me more about his business, his concerns and his needs so that when I did the presentation, I taylored it to him, and his needs and what he wanted from his business. After I filled out the paperwork I made sure I followed up the next day with a phone call thanking him for his business and his time, a couple days later I mailed a handwritten Thank you card. Even though the sale is done, staying visible to him and keeping a personal touch with him is needed for future business, loyalty and referrals.

Without my Team Leader I wouldn’t have made it through the door, without him trusting my judgement in what he needed there wouldnt have been a sale. Teamwork was essential. To my Team Leader I say, “THANK YOU!”

That being said, I have a failure. Well it's only a failure if you don't learn from it. I went to a client and my approach was all wrong. I hurried through the presentation, I didnt take my time and build a relationship with the client, find out what his needs and objectives were. So even though I showed him that he could significantly increase his sales and revenue he wouldn't buy from me. I hadn't sold myself, I hadn't made a friend and again people buy from people they like and trust. He didn't like or trust me. I may still be able to get his account one day, but it is going to take a lot of work and follow up to ease back in.

Robin B. ~ Encore Payment Systems

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