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The day after training I went down to the local mall. I started to talk to a merchant that had a really nice personalization glass kiosk In the mall. I was telling her about the gift cards, and the value it would bring to her business and as I was doing this another merchant that had a cell phone accessory cart came up and asked questions so I mentioned the prepaid phone cards. In 15 minutes I had them both interested. I stood there about one hour giving them a lot of ideas of how to use a gift card.

I finished it on monday on the personalization Kiosk. The cell phone cart was a little bit harder. He didn't come back to work until wednesday, and when he came back he was missing some info. He did not want to leave the mall to get this. So, I offered to drive 45 minutes to pick it up the necessary paperwork for him. He couldn't believe that I would drive that far out of my way and to add to it, there was a severe wind and rain storm going on. I finally sent all of the paperwork in. Then, when it was time to install the system, he was having second thoughts. He was wondering if he should have done this, as he was sharing some of his doubts, a customer came up with a $50 return. His policy was no cash back. I saw that the customer was very irate so I pulled the merchant to the side and told him to give a merchandise credit on his gift card. He was very happy. And, after that, he was excited about having the Clear Advantage.

Roger M.
Future Team Leader
Encore Payment Systems

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