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Here are a few stories about my experiences with Encore Payment Systems.

My First Day

I am often reminded of my first day out in the field. Yes, I was new and I was green. But I had more than a couple of years of sales experience. My first appointment was a landscaping business. I didn’t think I stood a chance. I followed procedure to the tee, did a warm hand off to my Team Leader and we not only sold the merchant, but upgraded his system to a wireless unit as well!!!!! That certainly made me a believer in the process and the company from the start!!!!

More Stories From the Field

Recently I have been working in NJ a lot! I found myself complaining about driving to NJ everyday not to mention about a 1/2 of tank of gas per day at least!!! I had been doing okay and selling a few accounts. I had called on a Mens wear shop in Washington, NJ. I had spoken to one of the owners. But the other owner was off that day. He asked me to come back another day and said he was interested. Well we have all heard that song and dance on the be-back bus!!!! But I got a call from the other owner who said he wanted to meet with me. And had just got a call from the internal sales department. I told him I would be over in the morning. I spent several hours answering all their questions, explaining the benefit of gift/loyalty cards.

They had a Linkpoint system through PNC/First Data merchant services. I explained their system could only be used on First Data’s network and wasn’t supported on any of our services. The merchant upgraded to a Clear Advantage S/C Terminal with external Pin pad, and Gift/Loyalty Cards. I also went back and spent a lot of time at the install answering all the merchants questions and concerns. (Yes it took a lot of work, And granted I could have spent more time working on sales leads) But after it was all said and done, The merchant gave me 7 Refferals!!!!!!!! Sometimes that little extra service can mean everything!!!!!!

Tom C. ~ Encore Payment Systems

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