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My very first success story was early on. I began running for Encore on January 15, 2007. First week NO sales, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of the next week, NO sales. Finally on Friday, January 26th my first sale - a full system, multi-merchant with 2 accounts! That was just the morning - that afternoon I upgraded another system and then another reprogram! Not bad for my first few sales!

I qualified for the entire Quick Start bonus offered to IBAs with Encore plus the cell phone and gas bonuses.

I began on January 15th and by the end of March, 2007, I had reached my 50 accounts. Earned a bonus and a trip to Dallas.

In September of 2007 I reached 100 accounts, received a bonus and earned Century Club status with Encore which has great benefits.

Just recently I had finished all my appointments for the day so I walked into a beauty shop and introduced myself to the owner and gave her my card. She handed me her card and said that she would like to talk with me sometime because she wanted the other girls in her shop to stop processing through her account and get their own. I called her the next day and set up an appointment for that Friday morning, she upgraded her system and I got 5 merchant agreements that day. She referred me to her husband who owns a Heating and Air Conditioning business, he then referred me to his neighbor who had an electrical business. A few days later, another man called me who designed exclusive ladies handbags. The owner of the beauty shop had given him my card. All in all, I got 8 accounts from one cold call!

It is now March of 2008 and I am now nearing 200 accounts and building a great residual income.

Carma C. ~ Encore Payment Systems

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