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My Success Story

My team leader is my knight in shining armour!

I must admit that I was struggling to make sales consistently. I would make a sale, sometimes two a week if I was lucky and fortunately they mostly included system upgrades or I would have struggled to make enough money. I originally started going down hill in sales when I thought I could do it my way. I took some advice from my team leader, but thought I knew better because after all, I was in front of these merchants, not him. Consequently, I did not exhaust all options before leaving each appointment. I was a wimp!

I was just about to give up when I changed team leaders. Not wanting to walk away feeling like a failure, I decided that I would turn things around and actually listen to my new team leader. He has been so patient with me as I know he is with his entire team. He has been there for me every step of the way. We started role playing and went over the same scenerios every morning until I started learning what to say when I felt nervous in front of a merchant. My confidence increased and my sales went up.

I am so thankful to my team leader for giving me the helping hand I needed to turn things around. I've always felt that he wanted to see me succeed. Not just because it means more money in his pocket (although that's a great motive), but because he actually cares. I've tried to put my all into changing my bad habits and doing what he tells me. It's really paid off for me. Now instead of hoping I make a sale, I KNOW I can make a sale. It took a while to sink into my brain and my team leader probably wanted to kick me at times. The day I finally was able to respond to the merchant's objections as I was taught without hesitating, stuttering or calling for help every other minute was an incredible high. I knew that I finally got it and I felt like throwing a party!

That is why my team leader is truly my knight in shining armour!

By the way, I feel just as supported from all the team leaders I deal with. They are a great group and I have alot of respect for them!

Susan H. ~ Encore Payment Systems

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