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As a new IBA I was, to say the least, a little nervous. However, the first day was not bad and I got used to rejection, but still went about the day with the anticipation of that first sale. Needless to say that did not happen, but I finished the day with a positive attitude looking forward to tomorrow. The next two days were rocky, but continued on the quest to perfect my sales presentation. Along came Friday just a beautiful day for March here in Minnesota. I had received my second appointment of the day, and the first at the Mall of America. I had a good feeling about this one for some reason! So on arrival at the store I met the owner, and started with a little small talk about her business, and then started with the presentation. Shortly into the presentation I could tell it was heading in the right direction. At this time she asked if I would be able to handle processing for all 3 of their stores, 1 in MN and 2 out of state. I felt right then I had a deal on my hands, and without any objection we started the application.

Kraig ~ Encore Payment Systems

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