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"...he now loves us even more cause he got a new terminal to replace his flooded one because of our equipment replacement program!"

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"I am so thankful to my team leader for giving me the helping hand I needed to turn things around. I've always felt that he wanted to see me succeed. Not just because it means more money in his pocket (although that's a great motive), but because he actually cares."

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"I met the owner, and started with a little small talk about her business, and then started with the presentation. Shortly into the presentation I could tell it was heading in the right direction. "

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"He sent his old terminal back to the lease company in a used kitty litter box."

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"Without my Team Leader I wouldn’t have made it through the door, without him trusting my judgement in what he [the customer] needed there wouldnt have been a sale. Teamwork was essential. To my Team Leader I say, “THANK YOU!”."

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